With F.R.S, the pajama finally leaves the realm of the strictly private and its specifically nocturnal purpose, transforming itself into an attitude comprising lightweight fabrics that look good anywhere. In so doing, it reveals itself as a display of independence, reflecting a new and surprising self-declaration.

F.R.S. is the monogram of Francesca Ruffini, the heart of this project and a true monogram addict. Yet with a touch of tongue-in-cheek irony, it also means “For Restless Sleepers”.

Francesca states she is virtually obsessed by all kinds of piping, the essential hallmark of all garments that carry the F.R.S signature.

The creative itinerary on the theme of the pajama proposed by F.R.S is more about a fun new interpretation that leaves behind the old clichés, instead of referring to the hackneyed garment we know so well. In doing so, it makes an independent and precise declaration of taste.