Just Cavalli

In 2000, designer Roberto Cavalli launched his young line, Just Cavalli. It comprises of men’s wear, women’s wear and accessories, eyewear, watches, underwear, and beachwear. The collection reflects Just Cavalli’s commitment to being a unique fashion icon and the “leader of the pack”. Embodying the bold, classy and sexy design elements that are signature of the fashion icon, the collection uses fine materials to craft and creates watches and jewelry that would bring style and class to every occasion. As a tribute to Cavalli’s heritage and DNA, the collection covers the brand’s core elements including ‘Glam Chic’, ‘Rock’, ‘Animal’, ‘Logo’ and ‘Relaxed’, which inspire other lines that mirror the versatile nature of Just Cavalli.

Koré Collections

Koré is the definition of beauty as it reminds of women’s aesthetic ideal in ancient Greece. Koré means one of a kind pieces worked in exclusive prints with natural fabrics. Koré means sophisticated shapes, volumes and colours and takes inspiration in all prints from Nature: every print celebrates the incredible colours of the Earth in all its shapes. Koré’s every print is worked graphically in a symmetric game all over the body. Join the Koré world!


The Dondup story began in 1999 inspired by a mission to create collections with an open and universal
approach to serve an urban tribe without borders or boundaries, one that makes the key values of denim
culture its own – values such as originality, authenticity and a maverick spirit. Quality, research and a
commitment to innovation have made Dondup one of the leading ready-to-wear brands on the market
today in the Fashion Contemporary panorama. In every Dondup collection the “Made in Italy” opens up to
the world with cosmopolitan flair bringing to ready-to-wear the attention to detail traditionally found in
Haute Couture. The result is unique collections made by a timeless style, iconic pieces imbued with
effortless elegance – typical of the Dondup style. Since the very beginning, denim has been at the heart of
the Dondup brand: so much more than just a fabric, to Dondup denim is a vocation. One that speaks of
respect for the consumer and the environment, and of a passion for style.


In 1978 Renzo Rosso started Diesel with the intention of creating the world’s most innovated denim. Amidst a worldwide oil crisis, during which diesel was considered to be an alternative fuel, Renzo liked the idea of his brand to be known as an alternative jeans brand, in contrast to the prevalent casual wear giants that had come before. Renzo chose the word “diesel,” an international term pronounced equally all over the world, the perfect name for his endeavor. Since its start, Diesel has used “For Successful Living” as a slogan for the brand’s DNA. Through a long and storied history of strong, ironic and playful campaigns, Diesel has become a leader in advertising as well as in fashion.

Twinset Milano

The brand was created in 1987 by Simona Barbieri and her husband. The brand grew, opening shops and expanding worldwide, and by 2013 new lines were added for girl, beachwear and lingerie, as well as shoes, bags and accessories. In 2017, a new team of creative directors was appointed and the company’s main line was rebranded as “Twinset Milano”. The brand believes in celebrating women’s fabulous complexity, by providing a second skin of confidence for every moment of daily life.

Elisabetta Franchi

The designer Elisabetta Franchi has managed to rock the female universe with her style and creativity. Her success rests on her unlimited passion for excellence, her love of fashion and her innovative ideas which are turned into reality by expert hands. The aim of all collections is the constant improvement of fitting and superior attention to detail, which result in having the highest quality, characterized by a sophisticated elegance which is a true symbol of “Made in Italy”.